Would you like to be pain-free and able to live life to its fullest?

Do you want to be free from anxiety and or depression?

Is the illness that you are exhibiting not being successfully treated?

Do you need a seasonal boost?

Is your child having any kind of challenges?

Is your animal sick or having behavioral issues?

PureBioenergy is a gentle, non-invasive, safe and proven method of healing that effectively addresses a wide range of conditions in adults, children and even animals. Applied over four consecutive days, PureBioenergy Therapy restores the immune system to its most efficient healing state, provides information to the body to speed up healing and recovery time, provides pain relief and restores blood flow for faster healing. This powerful method of healing utilizes specific energy protocols for use on and around the body, and when properly applied, the information of pure health is brought to the immune system, bringing balance to the bioenergetic field, and allows self healing to take place. With no religious affiliations, you do not need to believe in this technique to achieve amazing results.

I am not a doctor. Doctors can diagnosis. Please contact your doctor if that is what you are seeking.

Zoran Hochstatter is the official representative and teacher of the PureBioenergy Method in the US, UK and Canada. In 2004 Zoran and his wife Stephanie met with Healer Zdenko Domancic in Slovenia to film and produce a documentary film about bioenergy healing. After working alongside Zdenko in his clinic in Slovenia and learning the method himself, Zoran was granted exclusive permission to teach and share bioenergy with the rest of the world. Zoran conducts PureBioenergy training seminars and healing clinics across the United States, Canada and the UK.

To learn more about research, scientific studies and powerful testimony about the method of PureBioenergy please visit www.healingbioenergy.com.


One treatment is always four days.

In order to take part in a PureBioenergy treatment you must commit to four days. That is your responsibility, your part of the healing. Also, you must recognize small and large health changes. The healing process continues to work 7-10 days following the last session. So stay tuned to how your body and mind are changing.

The four days gives the body time to catch up with the energetic corrections that are being made. It takes time for the body and mind to take new information in and adjust.

For some conditions to achieve 100% wellness you will need follow up treatments. For some illnesses such as stroke, cancer, parkinson's and m.s., regular follow up appointments are encouraged.

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You and I are a healing team.

I know where the energy needs to go to help your body heal and adjust. Energy flows from me to you. It is that simple. I act as a conduit for the energy and I get out of the way in order for the energy to do its thing.

What Can PureBioenergy do?

  • Treat illnesses from the simple to the serious
  • Increase energy
  • Encourage the immune system
  • Reduce and eliminate pain
  • Support healing before and after surgery
  • Help during pregnancy and after
  • Alleviate many symptoms
  • Improve circulation
  • Cure the "incurable"
  • Enhance sport performance
  • Improve mental state

Learn more about the healing power of PureBioenergy in the documentary Think About It